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The company, located in Lambrugo (Como), has seen several changes since its foundation
– from a silk-throwing company to a dyery and printworks –
which have served to transform it into a modern, dynamic and competitive business.

Currently it occupies 10,000 m2 and is surrounded by vast service facilities
– car parks, raw materials warehouse, loading area –
necessary for the activities being conducted.


The company performs printing, dyeing and finishing of natural, artificial and synthetic shuttle-woven fabrics.

Most of the company’s research and development resources is invested in the latter of these fabric categories, particularly into polyester and polyamide fabrics, with the goal of becoming a leader in the sector.

The printworks – despite being one of the company’s original occupations – has transformed into one of the most modern and qualified digital printworks.
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The dyery is equipped with all types of dyeing machinery (at and below atmospheric pressure) for open-width or rope dyeing of woven fabrics, and produces a wide range of products for a large merchandising sector: from technical textiles to sportswear, from clothes accessories to upholstery fabrics.

Finishing, which involves the integration and completion of the preceding procedures, has received the most attention in recent years from the company, which considers the development of this sector to be of strategic importance to the commercial product line and a key to company success as a whole.

  • Laboratory

    Formulation and technical control.

  • Dyery

    At and below atmospheric pressure.

  • Finishing

    Integration and completion of preceding processes.

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